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EBB Coding Solutions, Inc.

Our team of experts have been providing healthcare consulting services for over 20 years.  We are routinely engaged by Critical Access Hospitals (CAH), healthcare systems, provider practices, third-party billing companies, and law firms to conduct audits of chargemasters and to evaluate compliance with documentation, coding, coverage, and billing guidelines outlined by Federal and other third-party payors.  Having worked directly for a Medicare Fiscal Intermediary, we have been engaged to conduct audits as part of routine compliance efforts, internal and external payor and government investigations as well as for quality assurance oversight. Our experience in working closely with payors and the government in these types of matters have provided valuable insight in to payor and governmental expectations with relation to revenue cycle and compliance functions.  We deliver this expertise and insight to each and every project.


We have vast experience in dealing with a variety of complex documentation and reimbursement guidelines impacting physicians and hospitals of various specialties.  Additionally, we provide customized education and training to clinical, health information, and coding staff, as well as executive leadership based on the findings of our reviews to ensure compliance.  We also serve as an outside expert for many facilities to provide documentation, coding, and billing guidance based on authoritative payor guidelines on an as-needed basis. 

We are proud to be a combat veteran owned business. Our commitment and dedication in providing accurate and complete results is our mission. 

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From the President
Timothy P. Eaton, President
MBA, Major - US Army (Retired), COC (CPC - H) | Phone: 262-443-0265

Prior to joining HBE Advisors, LLC in 2012, I was the co-founder of Bay Area Healthcare Consulting.  I have historically provided quality revenue cycle and compliance services to several organization and would welcome the opportunity to propose services to you and a successful partnership.

We are confident that our workplan will help identify realized and potential lost revenues, compliance issues and other operational practices that are negatively impacting your revenue cycle. Integral to our workplan is the incorporation of staff education on compliant practices for

charge capture, coding and billing.


Because of our commitment to compliance in all of our activities, we ensure that our clients are afforded accurate, reliable and repeatable recommendations. Our reviews will provide a mechanism to implement immediate changes impacting compliance and reimbursement.

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